You have STAFF…we have WAYS to more music at less cost!

 Need more  music on your activities schedule? Music Does It! provides “Super Simple Music Making” workshops for your NON-musician staff members interested in becoming confident recreational music leaders.

Meet your Trainer!

Music Does It! director Bob Kuchenmeister is an expert at turning non-musicians into music makers. “Being a professional Music Therapist is the key!” he says, to helping non-musicians experience success in using the elements of music for fun and recreation. He shares his vast experience and creative abilities providing confidence-building music- making techniques. His patient understanding provides an accepting “safe zone” for actual recreational music leadership experiences.

The ultimate result? Adding  creative activities like”Piano Fun for Everyone” , “Hum Drum & Strum” “Create a Song”, “Jazzy Jam”, “Cookin’ Kitchen Music” and more to your activities schedule. All, WITHOUT added expense of hiring outside assistance when Music Does It!

Call /Text 612 390 6374 or email to arrange a complimentary conference to learn more!