Experience “EASY” when MUSIC DOES IT for YOU!


Are you an administrator for a non-profit or for-profit organization? WELCOME to your source for LIVE music delivered with expertise to help MUSIC  work for you!

Music Does It! It’s about giving you an advantage to achieve YOUR goals. How?

When you enlist the help of  Music Does It!  you enlist the advantages of vast musical experience, researched knowledge, and trustworthy direction.


Bob Kuchenmeister is founder and Director of Music Does It! Bob’s direction is guided by a lifetime of music making experience, his accredited Music Therapy degree   from University of WI – Eau Claire.

Bob’s expertise is also backed by an advisory panel of experts making Music Does It! a trustworthy source to help go where only music can take you when Music Does It!

  Did you know? When you use Music Does It! you get CREATIVITY that makes music personal for you. All while…

Helping motivate your clients to engage and interact, strengthen or create new skills participating in       MUSIC-MAKING SOCIAL GROUPS

Helping you add more cost effective music activities to your calendars with... MUSIC LEADING WORKSHOPS

Helping Neurodiverse and Older Adult individuals experience achieving success towards non-musical goals in INDIVIDUAL MUSIC  THERAPY SESSIONS

Helping achieve your mission or fundraising goals with creative, fun SPECIAL EVENT SERVICES

Helping to motivate and inspire participation with your custom song while defining your mission using  CREATIVE  MUSIC MESSAGING SERVICES

Learn more in your FREE introductory conference consultation by calling 612 390 6374 or emailing bob@musicdoesit.com