Sept 19th 3PM.

Salvation Army Service Center

4223 Emerald St.   Torrance CA

It happens every month as it has for the past 18 months. Every month yet no two months are alike in the experience for Seniors to enjoy themselves hearing live music, laughing, performing on and off stage and ending in a short prayer of thanks for the gift of music and all who attended and shared their gifts .

So GREAT seeing our friends from our neighboring Care Centers join us this month!

As usual our event started with a couple tune medley from Pianoman Bob and JOANN on drums.Of COURSE they were “September in the Rain” and “September Song”!

This month we had a new “twist” to taking requests from clipboards circulated in the audience before the event. That’s how Bob could take “CALL-in” requests on his old telephone prop sitting on the piano. Sure enough. After everybody did a verbal rendition of their phone ring tones Bob picked up the receiver and let everyone laugh along to spoof “callers” on the request list.

Guest Artists? You bet! PAT carried on the tradition of sharing some great songs on her flute, and GARRY did a couple flugle horn tunes with Bob and JoAnn to “sunshine songs” for the group to join and sing from drop down screens over the stage.

This month we took a musical trip  with the audience providing the best hand percussion, conga drums & more, version of  the song” Brazil”.

But WAIT! There WAS more! MARY was kind enough to leave her seat in the audience to be our  soloist on a Taxi Horn. Her talent at balancing a huge Sombrero while honking the horn on cue was super! That was one quick trip to Mexico to play Tijuana Taxi with Bob and Jo Ann.

Thanks to Garry for handwriting lyrics for a request, Bob could sing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” for one esteemed guest. Either Bob sang REALLY bad, or the song had special significance for the requestor to tear up as Garry noticed But HEY! That’s what it’s all about. Being a part of an event where memories still come alive along with all those who took part as listeners or music-makers.

With GARRY providing the sing-a-long slides for the two above stage drop down screens, and audience playing  everything from conga drums to handheld percussion, it was another true INTERACTIVE SENIOR EVENT closing out with “Star Dust” and “God Bless America”.

WE SAVED THE BEST NEWS FOR LAST!  You can join us OCTOBER  17th. for more fun, laughs and music. Word has it we may take another “Color Trip” to various American Fall view sights! Don’t MISS IT!