Meet the your”Creative Consultations Coach!”

Director and founder of Music Does It! , Bob Kuchenmeister knows music from a lifetime of experience making it.  From first playing”Silent Night” on the family piano at two and a half yrs. old  to being called ” Highly Talented” by a leading columnist at the   Las Vegas Review Journal,  Bob says, “Music has and is STILL providing quite an adventure!”

It is no wonder that he was awarded scholarships for attending two Summer music performance camps at Bemidji MN State University  as a high school student. His scholarship to attend UW-E.C. paid all his applied  private music lessons on piano, voice and composition while getting his  degree in Music Therapy . After a 1200 hour internship at Kalamazoo MI State Hospital he became a Registered Music Therapist in 1972.Experience is his “testament” to knowing what it takes for music to influence behavior.

Now in his “Music Does It!” work as a consultant, he has  the joy of seeing his expertise work  with well established  programs located in Norwalk, Long Beach, Torrance CA. and more requested in surrounding Southern CA areas.

Want to learn more? Call/text 612 390 6374 or email for a free introductory Q & A consultation!