Creating empowering SUCCESS! MUSIC Does IT!

Does your organization support families with kids or adults having Neurodiverse challenges? If you have family, work setting or individual educational program therapeutic goals, there is hope as studies show the unique attributes of music related to brain processing.Individual sessions may be arranged offering Early Intervention benefits and beyond when Music Does It!

Meet Susan Rancer RMT

Susan Rancer is a Registered Music Therapist and co- author of “Perfect Pitch in the Key of Autism” that outlines her method developed in the experience of over 35 years to help Neurodiverse clients succeed in overcoming challenges.

Music Does It! director,Bob Kuchenmeister has been personally mentored by Susan and uses her “Rancer Piano Method”  which places experience in what works, on your side. Music Does It! is grateful to be authorized to use her method of balancing structured time playing piano from typical piano books,with motivating, fun improvised “free time” in each session.

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