The answer IS….CREATIVITY!

Questions. I get these questions.”How do you DO this?” How did you THINK of this? OK. Here’s the story…

As a last child of 5 kids in a musical family, growing up in Almena WI, pop. 450 , I was destine to have a life of making music. It’s what came easy for me and led to experiences involving traveling in Europe, Latin America, and engaging audiences performing in USA from coast to coast.

Now, I’m filled with gratitude on looking back at all the rich experiences music provided including becoming a Registered Music Therapist after completing my studies at UW-Eau Claire and Kalamazoo MI State Hospital.

Creativity for the benefit of others. That’s what Music Does It! is all about. In my work as a consultant, I’m still experiencing the thrill of seeing “music power” at work as I have as a Registered Music Therapist in locked hospital wards, to performing in the 79th Army Band  in Latin America  or playing to audiences of  resorts where celebrities would sing tunes around my piano.

It’s such a privilege to be  working with parents and organizations…hearing  a non-verbal 4 yr old saying his first “O” during “Old MacDonald” to experiencing the heartfelt cheers of Older Adults  on hearing one of their own, still able to sing Opera as she did for her living, but this time, at age 92.

Experiences to remember. Living good.  “Music Does It!” Here’s looking forward to serving you!

When you can use some creativity for YOUR benefit, contact me!

Bob Kuchenmeister -Director, Music Does It!             Direct; 612 390 6374   bob@musicdoesitcom